ASTERICS assessment software
A calculation program designed to assess the Ecological Quality of 28 European stream types based on macroinvertebrate taxa lists ('4th deliverable' of AQEM) and the German PERLODES system.

The software is developed further on by other projects. Its now called PERLODES and available as an online tool. »

Taxa database (»
A comprehensive database of European macroinvertebrate taxa which is the scientific base of the AQEM software ('5th deliverable' of AQEM). The database is now further improved within the EU funded project » Euro-limpacs.
In version 2.1 presented there, all macro-invertebrate organism groups and fish are included, diatoms are coming soon. The database contains taxonomic and ecological information and is a "living document". We will extend the database by ecological parameters, which might be sensitive to direct or indirect impacts of Climate Change.

AQEM DIP software
A tool for storing both, macroinvertebrate taxa lists and data on stream characteristics, based on the Austrian software » ECOPROF. The software is capable of storing all data recorded in the AQEM site protocol. It offers a large variety of export functions. (interested? info » joerg.strackbein(at)

AQEM manual (» download, zip/pdf,4 mb)
Detailed description of the AQEM procedure to assess European streams with benthic macroinvertebrates, covering the whole process from sampling site selection to data interpretation ('6th deliverable' of AQEM).

List of taxa key values (»
List of identification numbers, which are helpful to import an existing taxa list into the ASTERICS software.


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